I’ve only read two stories on the Times Live website this morning and one had an error in the headline and the other is both doubtful and has a completely unrelated picture and caption. So much for producing quality online media.

The first story is about missing photographer Anton Hammerl with the headline: Zuma brakes silence on Hammerl, which has now been fixed (perhaps my tweet to them, and @donovanjackson‘s follow-up helped?). Brakes?

The second story is about a school pupil being beaten into paralysis. The fact that the pupil was hit on the hand with a pipe is grounds enough for outrage but Times Live goes out of its way to make it even more sensational with the headline: Teacher beats schoolboy to paralysis.

The link between full paralysis and the original beating is tenuous at the best and even in their own story Times Live says: “Doctors say they cannot link the paralysis to the beating.” Clearly the need for a sensational headline won out.

My other gripe is the picture and caption. Why even bother to use a picture if it is going to have nothing to do with the story? A picture of (arbitrary) school pupils near Johannesburg when the beating took place in the Eastern Cape? Hardly seems worth the time.

Okay, end of my pick-on-the-Times moment.