With almost two months having passed since I compiled the first version of the SA Newspaper Influence on Twittter Index (Saniti for short?) I thought it time to revisit some of the numbers.

The first index listed 18 (print-first) newspapers in SA and ranked them according to their Klout scores. This month’s list includes 19 newspapers, with The New Age making a solid entry at position 9.

The top two spots on the list are unchanged while the Mail&Guardian and IOL swopped places in third and fourth. While Klout doesn’t rely solely on follower counts the Mail&Guardian’s strong showing is largely because it gained close to 3,500 followers since the previous index. IOL gained just 1,000.

At the lower end of the table The Witness gained around 30 followers but lost significant Klout ground. This appears to be on the rise again.

Most of the other movement on the table is from the entry of The New Age, which pushed most publishers down at least one notch.

Klout uses a range of metrics to determine scores including re-tweets, community interactions and authority. Most importantly Klout doesn’t simply rely on follower numbers to determine the eventual score.

Have I left out anyone? Let me know: @alastairotter

[Update: This list reflects news organisations with a strong print component, which is why the likes of IOL and News24 are included. Future releases of the list will expand to include other news publishers, including those that are primarily online.]