It came to me in a dream while I snoozed in front of the television last night. Facebook and Twitter may be huge right now but they will stumble. And they will fail. Maybe not this year, but pretty soon. The reason? Our kids.

So what if Facebook has 750 million users and Twitter is close behind it? Soon our kids will have outgrown the Disney Channel and Moshi Monsters and they’ll be ready for some serious social networking. If they’re anything like you and I were then there is no way on earth they will be happy joining the same networks as us old fogeys. It’s called the fuddy-duddy factor. 

Think back to your youth. Nothing killed something as quickly as your parents declaring it to be “cool”. By definition their “cool” was the exact opposite of everything we knew to be cool. Even calling it cool betrayed their ignorance.

But, things turn and soon enough my son will be telling me how the only hip thing about me is the bit at the top of my leg. And my daughter will be talking to boys on networks I neither know about nor can pronounce. Facebook will be a way for us old people to arrange bridge and bowling parties. Twitter will be filled with tweets about ageing, false teeth, walking aids and how we don’t understand our kids. It’s inevitable. 

Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for investments, dis-investments, or social networking faux-pas you may make based on this information. These are merely the rantings of one man who refuses to accept that he is getting old. What was the question again?