• 400+ South African journalists on Twitter

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    400+ South African journalists on Twitter

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    400+ South African journalists on Twitter

    Posted By Alastair Otter

    The past month has been pretty hectic with big changes afoot on the work front (more on that shortly). As a result of the general mayhem I’ve been ignoring the this blog for far too long. Time to rectify that.

    In my previous post I wrote about how I (with the help of others) had set up a Google Spreadsheet to list South African journalists active on Twitter. The spreadsheet approach worked for a while but then I decided to refresh some of my PHP skills. In the process of doing that I created the Hacks List, a slightly more useful version of the spreadsheet.

    That list can be found here and now lists 430+ South African journalists that are active on Twitter. Journalists that are not already on the list are free to add their names and Twitter handles.

    So tell your friends and colleagues about it and let’s get as many SA journalists as possible listed here.

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