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    Media Hack new media tools Media tools: ThingLink makes images interactive
    Media tools: ThingLink makes images interactive

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    Media tools: ThingLink makes images interactive

    Posted By Alastair Otter

    Static pictures on the web are *so* yesterday. Today’s readers want information, interaction and loads of stuff to click on. And today’s online media tool of the week does exactly that: it adds life to otherwise static pictures.

    ThingLink makes it simple to add clickable hotspots to any image. The hotspots can include pop-up video links, pop-up descriptions or even links to other sites.

    It really is simple. Create an account at ThingLink, upload a picture and add the links you want by clicking on the picture. Give each one a description, a link if desired, choose an icon and save. Audio and video links are automatically recognised and a pop-up viewer is added to the image. You can also search for related audio and video links in the left-hand bar of the editing window.

    When you’re finished the image can be shared on a range of sites and services such as Google+, Twitter and Facebook, as well as being embeddable in most other sites. On platforms such as WordPress you’ll need the ThingLink plugin to get it all working.

    Take a look at the image below. It’s a sample I knocked up in just a couple of minutes. It’s probably not the best illustration of ThingLink around but it does show the basics. For some infinitely better examples of ThingLink in action take a look at the ThingLink featured page.

    Have you used ThingLink on your site? Let me know what you think of it.


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