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    SA Hacks List gets an update

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    SA Hacks List gets an update

    Posted By Alastair Otter


    A couple of years ago I started a small project to collect the Twitter handles of South African journalists. That first iteration was done using a Google spreadsheet but it quickly got complicated. The second version was built using a database, some PHP code and the Twitter API. Which worked nicely until Twitter updated its API to standardise on OAuth for authorisation. I didn’t have the time to re-do the code when this happened so the Hacks List languished for a while.

    Until now. The new Hacks List (v2.0) is a complete rewrite of the code. It is still being developed (when I get the time) and it is missing a few features but overall I think it works okay. Take a look and let me know what you think @alastairotter)

    Hacks List 1.0 is still in place for now (even in its broken form) but I will be replacing that shortly.

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