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    Learning curves, and graphs

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    Learning curves, and graphs

    Posted By Alastair Otter

    I’m rather pleased with this interactive graph, not because it’s particularly good but because it’s my first foray into D3.js.

    Over the past few months I’ve been doing a lot of data-based work and while there are some excellent data visualisation tools available on the web, I’m always frustrated because I don’t have complete control over the final product. So this weekend I set out to learn D3.js. For those not aware of this D3 is a Javascript library similar to JQuery but specialising in data-driven visual effects.

    So, after spending most of my long weekend glued to my computer I can finally show off something that I wrote from scratch. In all honesty it’s not particularly wonderful and not as attractive as some of the other graphs I’ve done using free tools on the web but it is a start.

    If for some reason you decide to try and learn D3.js, do yourself a favour and start with this excellent tutorial by Scott Murray: Interactive Data Visualization. If it wasn’t for this excellent introduction I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I have managed to get to.

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