• Media Picks #5 – Smart journalism, crowdfunding, online video and data journalism

    Media Hack Media Picks Media Picks #5 – Smart journalism, crowdfunding, online video and data journalism
    Media Picks #5 – Smart journalism, crowdfunding, online video and data journalism

    Media Picks

    Media Picks #5 – Smart journalism, crowdfunding, online video and data journalism

    Posted By Alastair Otter


    Media Picks #5 – 16 January 2015
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    Smart move: Australian news site forges new media model by partnering with academics
    Australian site The Conversation is not only boosting the quality of its content by teaming up with universities but is also attracting a growing readership.

    It’s not about the clicks: the New York Times’ audience development strategy is about loyalty, and no bullsh*t

    It was the fall of 2014, and Alexandra MacCallum was filling out her new audience development staff as The New York Times’ newly appointed assistant managing editor for outreach. The timing couldn’t have been more awkward; the newsroom had just learned that the paper was seeking to eliminate 100 jobs through buyouts. And there was MacCallum and her team, unpacking their boxes on the second floor of The New York Times newsroom.

    Threat level: newsroom cyber attacks are real and growing
    Around 11am on Tuesday, journalists at the Maryland CBS affiliate WBOC noticed that their Twitter password had been changed. Employees watched, powerless, as a string of militant tweets were blasted to the station’s 18,000 followers. A half-hour later, photos declaring support for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria began appearing on their website’s homepage.

    Ten tips on using Contributoria to fund your journalism
    2014 was the year in which crowd-funded journalism took centre-stage and a number of new sites appeared giving journalists new ways of funding stories close to their hearts. Here Contributoria editor and co-founder Sarah Hartley offers tips on getting the most out of the site.
    What I’ve learned about crowdfunding journalism​

    Putting a smile on it: How Buzzfeed added emojis to its content management system
    What do you do when the boss wants emojis – those little icons that convey emotions – to be installed in the CMS? Naturally you do it by any means possible.

    Download deathmatch: compare internet speed worldwide
    Before you publish your next HD video it might be worth taking a look at this to get an idea of how long your poor users will take to download it. A great data visualisation and equally good time waster. View at your own peril.

    Media predictions 2015 (PDF download)
    Wearables, hearables, nearables and payables will be some of the buzzwords of 2015 as the mobile revolution takes the next great leap. Nic Newman has written up an interesting set of predictions worth downloading.

    Is data journalism teaching repeating the same mistakes as online journalism teaching?
    Paul Bradshaw raises an interesting and important question: “A decade ago teaching online journalism was problematic: few lecturers were able to teach it. Journalism faculties were full of print and broadcast experience, but very few who had worked online. One of the symptoms of this was a tendency to teach ‘online journalism’ as HTML production, in the same way that desktop publishing was taught, leaving little or no space to explore the editorial qualities of the medium.” Are we repeating this problem with data journalism?

    Using Reddit for a social campaign
    Reddit. Just the name can strike fear into the heart of an editor. Reddit is a thriving community and a potentially massive traffic driver for publishers. But from the outside it looks chaotic, anarchic and overwhelming. NPR’s Wright Bryan shares some tips on navigating Reddit.

    How do you get millennials to care about local news? Here’s one idea
    Every weekday at 7 a.m., the countdown clock atop the Charlotte Five homepage resets — counting the hours, minutes, and seconds until another batch of five stories are posted.

    Do it right: a publisher’s masterclass in producing online video
    Too many videos play as if they have been produced for company bosses. Brevity, focus and the ability to teach viewers something new are key ingredients, says Jon Bernstein.

    Quartz’s digital media strategy begins to crystallize
    “One of the bets that we’re placing is to try to avoid slugging it out in the commodity space, where you need 100 million unique visitors to sell $2 banner ads to make any revenue,”

    Tip of the week
    Looking for a good Instagram picture? Try one of these tools

    Instagram passed the 300 million users milestone in December, and the number of people who actively use the app continues to grow. But finding posts and information on the platform is not that easy, particularly if you don’t know the hashtags you need to monitor or which users are at the scene of a story.


    Written by Alastair Otter

    Data visualisation & design, journalist, hacker.


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