• 12 years in South Africa’s schools

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    12 years in South Africa’s schools

    Posted By Alastair Otter

    Last week we published a new data story for our Passmark project. The story looks at the South African schooling system and how pupils progress (or don’t progress) through the system, and paints a bleak picture of the state of education in the country. “In 2005 just over 1.2 million children started grade one. In an ideal world these students would have taken 12 years to complete their schooling. In reality, less than half of them will reach grade 12 within 12 years, and even fewer of them will pass the national senior certificate (matric) exams and gain a university entrance.” You can view the full data story here.


    Written by Alastair Otter

    Data visualisation & design, journalist, hacker.


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