How long will it take to vaccinate 67% of South Africans?

To obtain herd immunity South Africa is aiming to vaccinate 67% of the population. That is approximately 40 million people.*

To date {{ totalVaccinations | format }} vaccinations have been administered in South Africa since the start of the Sisonke Trial began on 17 February 2021.

Vaccines Administered So Far
Johnson & Johnson
{{ jandj | format }}
{{ pfizer | format }}
Average Vaccinations Per Day
{{ average | format }}
Time Required to Vaccinate Target Population Using Either J&J or Pfizer Vaccines
{{ jandjTime.years }} years {{ jandjTime.months }} months {{ jandjTime.days }} days
Using J&J (one dose)
{{ pfizerTime.years }} years {{ pfizerTime.months }} months {{ pfizerTime.days }} days
Using Pfizer (two doses)
How long will it take to vaccinate the target population if the daily vaccination rate is increased?
Increase Daily Vaccinations by 10,000 per Day
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* Population = 59.62m (mid-year estimate 2020. Source: StatsSA)
Numbers are an estimation based on a target of 67% of SA's population.