How long will it take to vaccinate 67% of South Africans?
To obtain herd immunity South Africa is aiming to vaccinate 67% of the population. That is approximately 40 million people.* So far, vaccinations have been administered since the rollout started on 17 February 2021. That's an average of vaccinations a day. If vaccinations continue at this pace it will take to reach the 67% target. Use the buttons below to change the average number of vaccinations per day to see how it affects the time needed to reach the target.
Total number of vaccinations to date.
Average number of vaccinations per day.
It will take this long to vaccinate 67% of South Africa's population at this rate.
Click buttons below to adjust the number of vaccines each day to see the result.
- 100k
- 10k
+ 10k
+ 100k
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Programming & Design: Alastair Otter. Data from Media Hack Collective and Africa Data Hub. Syringe icon by Blaise Sewell from the Noun Project,
* NOTES: For more on the 67% vaccinations required for herd immunity see COVID-19: key questions about South Africa’s vaccine rollout plan and COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Strategy FAQ. The calculations above are based on the Mid-year population estimates 2020 from Stats SA. The calculations are based on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine which requires only a single dose. The calculations are estimates and not an absolute prediction.