Cyril Ramaphosa's SONA Vuvuzela
Youth unemployment and economic growth were the two topics President Cyril Ramaphosa had the most to say about in his latest State of the Nation Address on June 21, 2019. We broke down his speech into topics and made them into an interactive Vuvuzela. We also dug out data on his five goals for the next decade to see how much work needs to be done to meet them.
Select a topic below to see how many words were dedicated to each. Alternatively, hover over the bars below.
Ramaphosa's Five Goals for the Next Decade
No person in South Africa will go hungry
An estimated 11.3% of South Africans or about 6.5-million people are vulnerable to hunger, according to StatsSA.
Source: General Household Survey 2018, StatsSA (published 28 May 2019)
Our economy will grow at a much faster rate than our population
South Africa’s population is growing at 1.2%, according to World Bank data (2017). The latest International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecast for GDP growth is 1.2%.
Two million more young people will be in employment
Of 20.3-million young people (aged 15-34) about 6-million are employed, according to Stats SA.
Sources: Quarterly Labour Force Survey, Q1 2019 (published 14 May 2019) and QLFS Trends
Our schools will have better educational outcomes and every 10 year old will be able to read for meaning
78% of South Africa’s grade 4s cannot read for meaning in any language, according the the latest Progress in International Reading Literacy Study, PIRLS 2016 report.
Violent crime will be halved
601,366 counts of contact crime were recorded during 2017/2018. Contact crimes are murder and attempted murder, sexual offences, all categories of assault, common robbery and robbery with aggravating circumstances, according to the South African Police Service.