Apple has already come out against pornographic applications in its iPhone app store, but now the company looks likely to extend its moral oversight to magazines. According to industry blog Shiny Shiny, edgy fashion magazine Dazed & Confused has had to censor its iPad issue for it to be accepted into Apple’s iTunes store.

If this is true, and Apple’s wide-ranging nudity war suggests it is likely, it ought to be a cause for concern for publishers.

It’s not about the pornography. It is about the increasing control Apple is exerting over what users of its products can and can’t do.

The issue is that Apple not only creates products such as the iPad and the iPhone but that it controls the content that can be viewed on them too. In an absurd way it is like a paper manufacturer dictating what type of articles can be printed on its paper.

If the company can control editorial at a fashion magazine then why not a political magazine, or even a technology publication that doesn’t favour Apple?

Apple’s iPad is being hailed by some as the saviour of newspapers, but if Apple is going to be forcing its own morals onto publishers then newspapers and magazines could be worse off than ever.