I’m a bit of a typography geek. Not in that boring, drone-on-and-on kind of way (I hope) but I am fascinated by the work and skill that it takes to produce a beautiful piece of type.

So naturally, when @gendor tweeted earlier today with a link to a new Jack Parow video that uses kinetic typography, I was quickly sidetracked into finding some good examples of this art form. The Jack Parow video (see below) is pretty cool but take a look at some of these other examples and see how much can be done with a bunch of letters.

Al Pacino – The Devil’s Advocate
This is one of my favourites. The speech is pretty good to start with but the lettering adds a whole new dimension to it. The animation is among the best.

Duck and Cover
This short clip is made up from an old public service announcement from the 50s. Excellent animation and illustration captures some of the original feeling of the announcement but gives it a unique twist.

Oceans Eleven
Another good movie and a great piece of kinetic animation. Apparently a first-time project, it nevertheless uses some clever techniques to complement the words being spoken. The Al Pacino speech is more powerful but the overall effect here is better.

Fight Club
A kinetic version of the Eight Rules of Fight Club speech was inevitable and this version is pretty good. The fonts, colours and background combine to make an excellent short clip. Can you spot the spelling mistake?

Citizen Cope
There are many bands that use kinetic typography to good effect in their music videos. This one by Citizen Cope for their Let the Drummer Kick song is one of the better ones.

Streelight Manifesto
This simple video with equally simple song is fun. Its simple, striking colours and a couple of excellent ideas and techniques make for a clever little video.

Reservoir Dogs
The naming of the names. This is a well executed kinetic version of the that famous speech in which the various participants given their “names”: Mr Brown, Mr White, Mr Pink! It’s fairly basic but effective.

Monty Python
A re-creation of the witch scene in Monty Python and The Holy Grail. Good colouring, a good choice of font and some nice simple graphics make this entertaining.

The Jack Parow video
The video that prompted this post. The video uses less animation than many of the examples above but some nice effects add just the right amount of interest.