This made me smile this morning. Sparks song Metaphor, from their Hello Young Lovers album, is exactly what it says it is: A song about metaphors. No masquerading here. It also has a catchy tune and offers sage, entertaining advice on the benefits of using metaphors correctly, including such pearls: “Use them wisely, use them well, and you’ll never know the hell of loneliness”.

This live performance is, if anything, better than the album version I have in my collection.

And remember, “Chicks dig, D-I-G, metaphors”.

Sparks is an American band formed in Los Angeles in 1970 by brothers Ron and Russell Mael. The band started out life in 1968 as Halfnelson but renamed themselves in 1970, apparently at the suggestion of Albert Grossman, most famous as Bob Dylan’s manager for eight years. Grossman had said that they reminded him of the Marx Brothers and should call themselves the Sparks Brothers. Ultimately they only retained the Sparks name. Until the release of Hello Young Lovers I confess I had never heard of the band.

Do you know any other great songs with a grammar theme? Tell me about them in the comments.