Is Twitter media? Apparently so according to a new report from Yahoo. The report says that while Twitter allows everyone to have a voice online it is still a handful of celebrities, organisations and media houses that drive the majority of content on the network. Among the findings: 20,000 users account for or attract the majority of attention on Twitter. The rest of us swim in the the little side pools.

More hyperlocal tips: How to start your own local news site. Although still in its infancy in South Africa hyperlocal news is pretty big in the rest of the world. In this interview with 10,000 words the founders of the US-based Berkelyside talk about how they started, the lessons learned and the tools they use. A worthy read for anyone keen on setting up a local news site.

Tim O’Reilly, a giant in the technology publishing arena, is known for his outspoken and often unique perspectives on the issues of the day. In this interview with Forbes’ Jon Bruner, O’Reilly explains why he has removed piracy measures from his books, why he thinks that the printed book is far from over and how the technology reading market has shifted from reference to tutorial books.