Inspired by a post I read on Almighty Link earlier this week I spent some time compiling a list of South African newspapers active online. I specifically looked for newspapers that had a Twitter presence. I then compared each of them on Klout, a service which uses an algorithm to establish the “influence” of a Twitter account.

Klout uses a number of variables — such as re-tweets, follower numbers, mentions etc — to determine this rating. Obviously this is not an exact science but it’s also not a numbers game. Naturally, having a large number of followers does offer some advantage but, as Business Report shows, there is more to it than just the number of followers.

For this first effort I focused exclusively on newspapers that are represented online. IOL and News24 are the two exceptions which are not available in printed form but are clearly mainstream news sites which aggregate the news of those two publishing groups. Many of Independent Newspapers’ publications — including The Mercury, Pretoria News and Sunday Independent — are not included on this list because they use the @IOL username as well. Similarly The Sunday Times defaults to @timeslive. Some others have no discernable online presence, including Daily Voice, Die Son, Daily Sun, and Ilanga. Beeld is not included on the list because there appears to be two Twitter accounts for it: @beeldnuus has not been updated since last year while @beeld_nuus is regularly updated but not ranked by Klout at all.

Here are the numbers. Click on the Twitter name to find their account. Click on the Klout rating to link to the Klout analysis.

Did I leave anyone out?