South African news organisations have, generally, embraced social media and jumped on the Twitter train. Media Hack already tracks and ranks many of the mainstream news organisations with the South African Newspaper Influence on Twitter Index(Saniti) but as an offshoot of that I decided to look at how often South African news organisations tweet.

The data below, which covers a one-week period, is pulled automatically from individual Twitter accounts daily. Given the number of accounts tracked not every record is verified each day but I did manually check a set of random accounts every day to see they are correct.This set of accounts is more extensive than those tracked by Saniti and includes as many radio stations as possible. The list includes most major news publishers with print and digital operations.

Strong print showing

Unsurprisingly the top of the table is dominated by the major mainstream news organisations, many of them primarily print operations.  Interestingly radio, generally, occupies the bottom half of the table.

Independent Newspapers tops the list with its Business Report and IOL Twitter accounts but other Independent publications appear to be either mostly dormant or irregular tweeters.

Sixth place is occupied by @news24 which is ranked number 1 in the Saniti rankings. During the monitored period @news24 tweeted an average of 39 times per day, compared with IOL’s 89 times per day. IOL is ranked 4th in the Saniti table.

With the exception of Radio 702 radio is generally not a prolific user of Twitter. TuksFM (14) and SAFM (16) are the second and third radio stations tweeting an average of 13 and 12 times a day respectively.