It’s a full week into August and time for a new release of Saniti, the list of South Africa’s top news organisations on Twitter.

This month’s table has a number of new entries, including the accounts of Eye Witness News, MoneyWeb, Finweek, The Sunday Independent and Financial Mail. Most of those new entries didn’t have much of an effect on the overall rankings, mostly entering at the bottom half of the table. The exception was the Eye Witness News account  (@EWNUpdates) which is the first radio entrant into the list. I included the EWN account because it is becoming a significant player in the news market locally and, by taking the number 7 spot, it clearly justifies inclusion.

The top end of the table remains largely unchanged with News24, TimesLive and MailandGuardian holding onto their top three spots. But, the various accounts in the top spots are now closer together than ever before. In the June release of Saniti there was a ten point Klout difference between the 1st and 5th spot on the table. In this release that is down to a five point difference.

Strong performances

The City Press account put in an impressive performance over the past month, increasing its Klout by a full five points since the July release. This is perhaps unsurprising considering the City Press’ growing stature generally and the popularity of editor Ferial Hafajee (who topped our list of SA’s top editors on Twitter last week).

Sunday paper Rapport turned in an even more impressive increase of 6 Klout points. In total Rapport has increased its Klout influence by 14 points since the June release of Saniti.

The Witness also turned in a decent performance, notching up a 6 point gain. But the real botttom-of-the-table winner was The Mercury which added a full 22 points to its Klout score, pushing it up to position 21.

Of the newcomers to the list Eye Witness News was the top performer, followed MoneyWeb, Financial Mail, Sunday Independent  and FinWeek.

The big losers were all mostly at the bottom of the table. The Star lost a full nine points, a factor probably of the fact that it wasn’t updating its Twitter account for a good few weeks during July. The Cape Argus posts irregularly to its Twitter account and continues to lose ground. Likewise the Dispatch’s account is irregular and there are long periods of silence.

Notes: Saniti has been renamed to “The South African News Influence on Twitter Index” as the list has now been expanded well beyond print newspapers.

Competition for the top spots on the index is now strong. As a result there are many Twitter accounts with equal Klout rankings. For now those are ranked initially by their Klout score and then by their follower counts.

Follower counts and Klout ratings were correct at 9am August 8. Fluctuations in followers, especially among the larger accounts, is often significant so these number reflect a point in time.

Thanks to everyone who has sent suggestions, improvements and refinements. I will continue to add accounts as the index progresses. If your account is not on here please bear with me. And if you have comments, suggestions or corrections please email them to me.