Earlier this week I put together a small set of scripts to track the amount of attention the Oscar Pistorius trial was getting in Twitter. With not only local but also international audiences keen to follow the murder trial of the celebrity athlete it wasn’t surprising that Oscar was big on the social network. As you can see from this the Twitter activity around the Oscar trial regularly topped 2,000 tweets an hour while court was in session and on Wednesday peaked at just under 4,000 an hour.

So, when on Wednesday the Public Protector Thuli Madonsela finally released her investigative report into Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla residence I decided to do the same to see if people cared as much about the allegations against the president as they did about the gory details of a celebrity murder trial.

The good news is that they do, and significantly so (hover over chart for details):

Using the exact same method as I used with the Oscar Pistorius trial, I tracked mentions of Nkandla on Twitter from 10am on the morning of the announcement until 1pm the following day. As we can see there were just over 500 Nkandla-related tweets an hour at 12pm, half an hour before the announcement, but that quickly spiked to just over 6,000 an hour by 2pm, just over an hour into the announcement.