There are more than 200 schools in Gauteng that are built partially or fully from asbestos, a construction material banned in South Africa and a known cause of cancer. Of these, 29 of the schools are built entirely of asbestos, and should be replaced according to South African Education Department regulations.

Over the past few months Passmark, our education project, has been collecting, cleaning and analysing public records and statements by education officials to determine exactly which of the schools in the province are built of asbestos. The final investigation was published by the Times media group (online and in print) on June 20. We also published a full version on the Passmark website.

The final report combined narrative with a range of interactive visualisations as well as a simple tool for parents and learners to look up their schools to see if they are on the asbestos list.

The project was funded by the Taco Kuiper Fund for Investigative Journalism.