On 17 February 2021 South Africa started administering Covid-19 vaccinations as part of a Johnson & Johnson trial. A month later 157,000 healthcare workers had been vaccinated. This worked out to an average of around 6,000 vaccinations per day. This number was a lot lower than expected, especially as South Africa was the African country worst affected by Covid-19. The government target for vaccinations at the time was two-thirds of the population, or roughly 40 million people, by the end of 2021 in order to reach herd immunity.

Media Hack built a vaccination calculator to work out how long it could take to reach this goal based on the amount of vaccinations administered per day. The calculator uses the current daily average as a starting point but lets users adjust the daily average to see the effect a daily increase/decrease has on the time needed.
We sourced our own data in addition to using data from Africa Data Hub.
The calculations are estimates and not an absolute prediction.

View the full project here.