Coronavirus in South Africa
Help inform others about the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic

Help us and help others by spreading reliable data about the Coronavirus. We've made a small widget that anyone can embed on their own website. At the moment there is just the one option, a 300px wide widget, but if this proves to be useful we'll look at making other sizes and styles. The widget is a small iframe that you can add to your website and it lists the most recent data available on the Coronavirus.

To add the widget to you page, copy the code and add it to your sidebar or any other suitable place. The widget is a simple iframe and includes a link to the full dashboard for anyone that wants more (that's how you help us). It is an iframe so it needs to be included in your HTML code.

Copy the code below

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="300" height="300" scrolling="no" style="overflow: hidden;"></iframe>

The widget, once embedded, looks like this: