It's Getting Hot in Here:
100 Years of Global Temperatures
Below is a representation of average global temperatures for the past 100 years — 1920 to 2019. The green line represents the average global temperature for each of the 12 months during the 20th century. That's effectively 0, or the baseline. All the other lines represent a year and its position relative to the baseline. The distance of the line from the green baseline shows the size the temperature difference from the baseline. All the blue lines represent years where the average monthly temparatures were lower than those during the 20th century. Yellow lines are those marginally above the 20th century, and orange and red lines are those years significantly above the 1900-200 baseline.
Hover over the year lines for more information.
Each of the past 100 years is represented below. Move your mouse over a year for more information. The blue years are those in which temperatures were below the 20th century average. The yellow, orange and red years are those in which temperatures were higher than the average for the 1900-2000 period.
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Design & programming: Alastair Otter
Data: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration