Here you’ll find a list of resources that may (or may not) be useful for your day to day work as a journalist. If you know of any other please email us with details and I’ll try and add them in.

Editorial guides/Codes of conduct

Social media policies

Style guides

  • A List Apart – Short, concise guide from the experts at online design and publishing.
  • The Economist – The online version of this magazine’s excellent style guide.
  • BBC News – A downloadable copy of the BBC’s short but useful style guide.
  • Guardian – The Guardian’s style guide.

Other references

Media Law

Specialist Subjects

Social media

Data Journalism, Visualising Data

Investigative Journalism

State of Journalism

  • Post-Industrial Journalism – C.W. Anderson, Emily Bell & Clay Shirky. An excellent read on the changes affecting our industry.

[This is still being worked on. If you have any contributions please email us.]