I tend to dabble in a number of different areas, mostly as a way to learn new skills. Here is a list of some of my more recent projects:

  •  Hacks List
    This started off as an idea to make a spreadsheet of working South African journalists on Twitter. Today it is more of a crowd-sourced project that lists more than 500 journalists on Twitter. Hacks List 2.0
  • School Finder
    A first attempt at collecting education information in South Africa and presenting that in different ways. The first iteration of this is a simple location-based search which finds all of the schools within a given area. Although much of this information is publicly available it is messy at the best of times, so there was lots of data cleaning to be done to get to this.  School Finder
  • Crime Stats 2013
    The annual crime stats released by the police are always fun to play with, even if they are generally acknowledged to be out of date and the data is not always complete. Nevertheless, they’re all we have at this stage so over the years I’ve done a few projects with the data. This one is a simple explorer that combined 2012/2013 crime stats with station information. Crime Stats 2013