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    Our Initiatives

    Here we offer a selection of our work, just some of the projects we've worked on. For a fuller listing of our projects take a look at our portfolio section.


    Passmark is an online app for parents and learners to compare the quality of their school infrastructure against the minimum standards laid out by government.


    We're constantly working with data and experimenting with visualisations. Datablog is our home for these projects as well as guides on working with data.

    Media Picks

    Our weekly email newsletter rounding up the best news and analysis on the changing media industry.

    Tracking Journalist Retrenchments

    We're building a database of South African journalists who have been retrenched in the past five years.

    About Us

    We’re a group of independent journalists who just love a good story. We’re dedicated to quality journalism and the craft of digital storytelling. While we specialise in data-driven and narrative journalism, we’re a multi-talented bunch able to harness decades of journalism skills, combining them with state of the art programming and presentation to create stories that pop off all sorts of screens. We initiate our own media projects, but we also offer our services to organisations with a story to tell.

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