We’re a group of independent journalists who just love a good story. We’re dedicated to quality journalism and the craft of digital storytelling. While we specialise in data-driven and narrative journalism, we’re a multi-talented bunch able to harness decades of journalism skills, combining them with state-of-the-art programming and presentation to create stories for all sorts of screens. We initiate our own media projects, but we also offer our services to civil society organisations and corporate social responsibility projects with a story to tell.

Visit our new project: The Outlier

We’re excited to introduce our new data-storytelling project, The Outlier. Over the past year we have increasingly felt the need to create a new space to publish all of the data stories that are most important to us. So eventually in late July 2021 we launched The Outlier. It’s our new publication focused on data and stories, a place where we can experiment and dig into the data as and how we want to. The Outlier is free of advertising and it wholly funded by the work we do as Media Hack. And we intend to keep it that way. Visit us and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you. Visit The Outlier and join our newsletter for our latest data and visualisations.

We're still tracking Coronavirus

The SA Coronavirus Dashboard is a comprehensive source for Covid-19 data in South Africa at a national, provincial and district level and we make much of the data freely available. You can support our work on the SA Coronavirus Dashboard by making a small donation.


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Do you need to produce regular visualisations? Do you want to be able to have them produced quickly and in a regular style? We have a range of template-driven analysis tools that can be customised to your needs and design to produce reliable visualisations quickly.

Bespoke design

When you want your data visualisations and stories to stand out from the crowd we’re here to make that happen. We design visualisations using native web programming to make impactful, beautiful and unique graphics tailored to your needs.

Data analysis

Don’t need a visualisation? Just want the insights? No problem. We can do the analysis for you and deliver the insights in the format you need.

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Award Winning

Our work in data analysis and visualisation has won a number of local and international awards.

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We also publish a monthly newsletter of original data analysis and visualisations that look at the world around us. Our data@mediahack newsletter is sent out on the first Monday of each month, so subscribe to be among the first to know about our latest work.